Due to the severe weather forecast for the area, we are cancelling the Jaunt for tonight, October 14, 2017. We would like to thank the hearty people that came out in the rain last night. We are truly sorry that we must cancel, the first time in 15 years.
Due to the severe weather forecast for the area,we are cancelling the Jaunt for tonight,October 14, 2017. We would like to thank thehearty people that came out in the rain last night.We are truly sorry that we must cancel, the first time in 15 years. 

Haunted Homecoming


All Ghoul’s High School


Guests (the little boys and ghouls), will be welcomed and escorted down the High School hallway to the “gym” that is all decked out for the Homecoming Dance. Here, they will join some classic monsters for a rockin’ good time dancing to some spooky tunes. From there, they will head out to the football field for a few calisthenics before visiting the Mad Scientist Lab to see what is brewing.


The venue is family friendly; it is the first haunted house a lot of the little ones go to, and we don’t want them to see mommy & daddy cry


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