Welcome to the 16th annual Jack-O-Lantern Jaunt and Halloween Haunt. This year the 2018 Jaunt will be held on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27.
Welcome to the 16th annual Jack-O-Lantern Jaunt and Halloween Haunt. This year the 2018 Jaunt will be held onFriday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27.

Haunted Carnival


Participants will meet such classic characters as the Bearded Lady, The Strong Man, Siamese twins and a Mermaid. The outside area will host carnival games and a dancing bear. The last section will host a curiosity shop with a variety of oddities.


The venue is family friendly; it is the first haunted house a lot of the little ones go to, and we don’t want them to see mommy & daddy cry


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