The 18th annual Jack-O-Lantern Jaunt and Halloween Haunt will be held October 15 and October 16, 2021
The 18th annual Jack-O-Lantern Jaunt and Halloween Haunt  will be heldOctober 15 and October 16, 2021  

This year, to make up for last year, we will have a Mihmverse Double Feature. The Phantom Lake Kids in "The Unseen Invasion" and The Phantom Lake Kids in "The Beast Walks Among Us" will be shown in the Lion's Pavillion at the south end of the park starting at 7:00 PM. Each feature is over 1 hour in length and created in the manner of a 1950's horror film. But quite tame enough for the little ones.


The Phantom Lake Kids in The Unseen InvasionView trailer



The Phantom Lake Kids in The Beast Walks Among UsView trailer



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